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icl::io::ImageUndistortion Class Reference

#include <ImageUndistortion.h>

Inheritance diagram for icl::io::ImageUndistortion:

Public Member Functions

 ImageUndistortion ()
 creates a null instance More...
 ImageUndistortion (const std::string &model, const std::vector< double > &params, const utils::Size &imageSize)
 creates an Undistortion instance given parameters More...
 ImageUndistortion (const ImageUndistortion &other)
 copy constructor More...
ImageUndistortionoperator= (const ImageUndistortion &other)
 assignment operator More...
 ImageUndistortion (const std::string &filename)
 loads ImageUndistortion from file using the istream operator More...
const utils::SizegetImageSize () const
 returns current image size More...
const std::vector< double > & getParams () const
const std::string & getModel () const
const utils::Point32f operator() (const utils::Point32f &distortedPos) const
void setParams (const std::vector< double > &params)
const core::Img32fcreateWarpMap () const
bool isNull () const

Private Attributes

Impl * impl
 internal impl More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ImageUndistortion() [1/4]

icl::io::ImageUndistortion::ImageUndistortion ( )

creates a null instance

◆ ImageUndistortion() [2/4]

icl::io::ImageUndistortion::ImageUndistortion ( const std::string &  model,
const std::vector< double > &  params,
const utils::Size imageSize 

creates an Undistortion instance given parameters

modeldistortion mode possible values are MatlabModel5Params and SimpleARTBased
paramsparameters for the given model (MatlabModel5Params needs 10 parameters: fx, fy, ix, iy, skew, k1, k2, k3, k4, k5; SimpleARTBased needs 4 parameters: x, y, f, scale)
imageSizeunderlying image size

◆ ImageUndistortion() [3/4]

icl::io::ImageUndistortion::ImageUndistortion ( const ImageUndistortion other)

copy constructor

◆ ImageUndistortion() [4/4]

icl::io::ImageUndistortion::ImageUndistortion ( const std::string &  filename)

loads ImageUndistortion from file using the istream operator

Member Function Documentation

◆ createWarpMap()

const core::Img32f& icl::io::ImageUndistortion::createWarpMap ( ) const

◆ getImageSize()

const utils::Size& icl::io::ImageUndistortion::getImageSize ( ) const

returns current image size

◆ getModel()

const std::string& icl::io::ImageUndistortion::getModel ( ) const

◆ getParams()

const std::vector<double>& icl::io::ImageUndistortion::getParams ( ) const

◆ isNull()

bool icl::io::ImageUndistortion::isNull ( ) const

◆ operator()()

const utils::Point32f icl::io::ImageUndistortion::operator() ( const utils::Point32f distortedPos) const

◆ operator=()

ImageUndistortion& icl::io::ImageUndistortion::operator= ( const ImageUndistortion other)

assignment operator

◆ setParams()

void icl::io::ImageUndistortion::setParams ( const std::vector< double > &  params)

Member Data Documentation

◆ impl

Impl* icl::io::ImageUndistortion::impl

internal impl

internal impl pointer

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