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icl::geom::ViewRay Struct Reference

This is a view-ray's line equation in parameter form. More...

#include <ViewRay.h>

Public Types

enum  TriangleIntersection {
  noIntersection, foundIntersection, wrongDirection, degenerateTriangle,
 ray-triangle intersection results More...

Public Member Functions

 ViewRay (const Vec &offset=Vec(), const Vec &direction=Vec(), bool autoNormalizeDirection=false)
 Constructor with given offset and direction vector. More...
Vec getIntersection (const PlaneEquation &plane) const
 calculates line-plane intersection More...
TriangleIntersection getIntersectionWithTriangle (const geom::Vec &a, const geom::Vec &b, const geom::Vec &c, geom::Vec *intersectionPoint=0, utils::Point32f *parametricCoords=0) const
 calculates intersection with given triangle More...
float closestDistanceTo (const Vec &p) const
 calculates the closest distance to the given 3D-Point More...
float closestSqrDistanceTo (const Vec &p) const
 closest squared distance More...
float closestDistanceTo (const ViewRay &other) const
 calculates the closes distance to the given other ViewRay More...
Vec operator() (float lambda) const
 evaluates ViewRay' line equation at given lambda More...

Public Attributes

Vec offset
 line offset More...
Vec direction
 line direction More...

Detailed Description

This is a view-ray's line equation in parameter form.

A view-ray is described by the equation

\[ V: \mbox{offset} + \lambda \cdot \mbox{direction} \]

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ TriangleIntersection

ray-triangle intersection results


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ViewRay()

icl::geom::ViewRay::ViewRay ( const Vec offset = Vec(),
const Vec direction = Vec(),
bool  autoNormalizeDirection = false 

Constructor with given offset and direction vector.

Member Function Documentation

◆ closestDistanceTo() [1/2]

float icl::geom::ViewRay::closestDistanceTo ( const Vec p) const

calculates the closest distance to the given 3D-Point

for following formula is used:

ViewRay: o + lambda * v;
3D-point: p
distance = sqrt( |p-o|^2 - |(p-o).v|^2 )

◆ closestDistanceTo() [2/2]

float icl::geom::ViewRay::closestDistanceTo ( const ViewRay other) const

calculates the closes distance to the given other ViewRay

Here, we use the following formula:

this ViewRay:  o + lambda * v
other ViewRay: k + beta * m
distance = | (k-o).(v x m) |
               | v x m |

◆ closestSqrDistanceTo()

float icl::geom::ViewRay::closestSqrDistanceTo ( const Vec p) const

closest squared distance

◆ getIntersection()

Vec icl::geom::ViewRay::getIntersection ( const PlaneEquation plane) const

calculates line-plane intersection

See also
static Camera::getIntersection function

◆ getIntersectionWithTriangle()

TriangleIntersection icl::geom::ViewRay::getIntersectionWithTriangle ( const geom::Vec a,
const geom::Vec b,
const geom::Vec c,
geom::Vec intersectionPoint = 0,
utils::Point32f parametricCoords = 0 
) const

calculates intersection with given triangle

inspired by

The actual intersection point in 3D can optionally be stored into a non-null "intersectionPoint" parameter. The parametric triangle coordinats can also optionally be stored in a non-null "parametricCoords" parameter. "parametricCoords" is only written if it is not null and if the returned intersection result is "foundIntersection"

◆ operator()()

Vec icl::geom::ViewRay::operator() ( float  lambda) const

evaluates ViewRay' line equation at given lambda

formula : offset + lambda * direction

Member Data Documentation

◆ direction

Vec icl::geom::ViewRay::direction

line direction

◆ offset

Vec icl::geom::ViewRay::offset

line offset

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